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🌳 Plant a tree every time you buy from Woolly Rebellion

Posted by Katharine Robinson on

It’s super important to me that shopping with Woolly Rebellion won’t be doing harm to the planet.

That’s why I recycle packaging or try to use the most sustainable new packaging options I can to send out your orders.

You might know that Woolly Rebellion started out as an Etsy shop. One of the things I like most about selling on Etsy is that they offset the carbon emissions of shipping on every order.

When I was setting up this website, I wanted to be able to offer something similar. I’ve been able to do that via Ecologi and their partnership with Shopify

At no extra cost to you, for every order placed via the Woolly Rebellion website, a tree will be planted. Every time you shop we’ll be contributing to a mangrove in Madagascar, Mozambique or Nicaragua. 🌳

I did a few calculations about the carbon stored in these trees over their lifetime and I’m satisfied that every tree planted will more than offset the carbon generated by sending your orders, even internationally.

Ecologi have already planted 500,000 trees thanks to other retailers that run their shops on the Shopify platform. 


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