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Gift Guide For Knitters Who Have Everything

Posted by Katharine Robinson on

If you’re shopping for a knitter who already seems to have all the gear, I’m here to help!

I hope I've compiled a list with gift ideas at variety of price-points and size options. 

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. That means, if you click results in a sale, I might receive a small commission. This does affect the price for you. 

Stitch Markers (from £4.75)

It’s impossible to have too many stitch markers!

If the knitter in your life likes to knit garments with any sort of pattern on them, whether that’s using different coloured yarns, or adding cable texture to a plain garment, they will probably use stitch markers.

I love the simple stitch markers by Cocoknits. Here’s an example, but Tribe Yarns stock lots of options from £12.00.

Cocoknits Triangle Stitch Markers - £12.00 at Tribe Yarns

If your knitter is a bit of a punk, or loves spooky season, we have these skull stitch markers in the Woolly Rebellion shop for £4.75.

A Swift and Ball Winder (from £36.49)

This is some sizable kit, so you’ll know if the knitter in your life has them or not.

These are particularly handy for knitters who like to buy hand-dyed or luxury yarns that come in twisted skeins, rather than a ball.

If you’ve ever been asked to hold the yarn while your knitter winds a ball, these bits of kit will give you your arms back!

I use this wooden swift by KnitPro, £66 from The Knitting Network.

A wooden umbrella swift

And this ball winder, £36.49 also from The Knitting Network.

A plastic KnitPro ball winder with hand-crank

These two items combine to make powerful time savings. If you can only get one, I would recommend the swift.

PomPom Magazine (from £11.00)

Pom Pom is a firm favourite with knitters, and for good reason. The magazine comes out once per quarter and always has contributions from the hottest designers in the most desirable yarns.

4 issues of Pompom magazine

Single issues are £11, and a years subscription is £37.50. Be sure to select if you want the magazine in print and/or digital. 

Project Bags (from €40.00)

You can't have too many of these either. 

These Love It bags are made exclusively for the Stephen & Penelope shop in Amsterdam, and they're socially and environmentally conscious.

A cream linen bag with pink spots

As these bags ship from the EU, you may be liable for import taxes/charges if you're a UK shopper.

T-shirts (from £21.00)

If your knitter likes to put their hobby out there, but sometimes it’s just too hot to be wearing a hand-knit, an appropriate T-shirt could be the answer.

I love these, inspired by the music of the 1980s, from the Wool shop in Bath.

A white t-shirt with the slogan "Frankie Say Knit"

Again, if your knitter is a bit of a punk, or a Jane Austin fan, they might enjoy the t-shirts (and other merchandise) by Skeinhead.

Skeinhead's Skein Austin design

An appropriately decorated tiny Christmas tree (price tbd)

Bloom and Wild are famous for their tiny trees that come with all their decorations. There’s usually a theme perfect for knitters, last year there was one decorated with little Christmas jumpers. 

Oh, and it comes through the post!

A tiny Christmas tree decorated with knitted jumpers

These trees are usually available from November. 

Gift Vouchers

I would of course recommend a voucher for the Woolly Rebellion shop

Other online stores do offer a wider range, I would like to recommend Deramores or Wool Warehouse

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