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Which solid colours match best with West Yorkshire Spinners Country Birds Signature 4 Ply?

Posted by Katharine Robinson on

So, you want to knit socks with contrasting cuffs, heals and/or toes?

West Yorkshire Spinners' beautiful self-striping Country Birds sock yarns are a great choice because there are lots of solid colours that match. 

Actually, there are so many combinations that it can be tough to keep track.

On the WYS website, they recommend yarns from their Spice Rack and Sweet Shop ranges of solid colours to match with Country Birds.

I think there are more combinations than this. For example, I think Cherry Drop pairs better with Pheasant than Nutmeg.

Some shades of Signature 4 Ply have recently been discontinued, but we still have a few in stock. Grab them while you can. 

Let’s dive in and take each of the ten Country Birds yarns one at a time.

Blue Tit

Blue Tit pairs beautifully with Juniper, Cardamom or Butterscotch.


Bullfinch goes really well with Cayenne Pepper or Poppy Seed.


Goldfinch is another multi-matcher, going well with Cherry Drop, Cinnamon Stick (discontinued) and Butterscotch


Kingfisher can pair with Spearmint (discontinued) or Tumeric.


Mallard is perhaps the hardest to match. I think Juniper works.


Owl goes with Poppy Seed but would look okay with Cinnamon Stick (discontinued) too.

A picture of Owl and Cinnamon Stick together


Peacock looks just as good with Blue Raspberry, Chocolate Lime or Sour Apple (discontinued).

Balls of Peacock and Sour Apple next to each other


Pheasant pairs wonderfully with Cherry Drop and doesn’t look half bad with Nutmeg either.


Robin is one of WYS's Christmas yarns too, it looks great with Tumeric and extra festive with Cayenne Pepper.

Balls of Robin and Turmeric together

Wood Pigeon

Wood Pigeon matches with Pennyroyal and would look good with Poppy Seed too. I should have a photo of this soon! 🤞


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