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Time Traveller Collection

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These Christmas tree decorations are inspired by the iconic scarf worn by Tom Baker's fourth Doctor in the BBC TV series Doctor Who. They are 100% unofficial.

This scarf is a special thin version of the instantly recognisable design. Wrap it around your Christmas tree like a piece of ridiculously long and geeky tinsel.

Hand knitted by me, this version of the Doctor Who Christmas Tree scarf is made from 7 different colours of acrylic or wool yarn (it's your choice) and finished with tassels.

Let's face it, a Tom Baker scarf should never look skimpy! With that in mind, I knit this scarf to the perfect length for a 6ft tree, but it would look just as good on any tree from 5-7ft tall. The scarves pictured in this listing are displayed on a 6ft artificial Christmas tree.

This reeeeealy long scarf would work just as well as bunting or a garland for any occasion - so if you're hosting a gathering of Whovians, whatever time of year, this is a must-have!

Because a tree scarf takes me two weeks to knit (usually while I’m watching TV in the evenings), I make them to order. This means there’s a very limited number I can offer each year. There are currently only 5 knitting spots still available for Christmas 2021.

Tree scarves can be wound up into a cake shape for storage and shipping. 


Which fibre should I choose?

This year I’m offering Christmas tree scarves in acrylic or wool.

Acrylic is the cheaper option. It does mean putting more plastic out into the world, but it also means it’s vegan. Acrylic is available in a staggering variety of vibrant colours, and it will pretty much last forever. You could probably chuck it in the washing machine too - if something strange happens to your Christmas tree and your scarf needed a wash.

Wool is more expensive. The wool I'll be using comes from sheep, so it’s not vegan. It is a natural fibre so it will biodegrade if you decide you’re done with your decoration and throw it away. It will also be recyclable if you wanted to take it apart and spin/knit it into something new.


How do I know when my scarf will ship? 

My usual shipping terms do not apply to hand-knitted items.

Some tree scarves are already knitted and ready to dispatch, others will need to be made from scratch. It typically takes me 2 weeks to make a Christmas tree scarf. 

Once you have placed an order, I will give you a definite dispatch date for your tree scarf.  All tree scarf orders will ship on or before 1st November 2021.


What is Early Bird pricing? 

There is a 10% discount applied to Christmas tree scarves ordered before the end of August 2021.